Refinance Your Investment Property

Refinance your investment property to maximize your returns. You can reduce your monthly mortgage payment and improve your rental income.

You can utilize the equity on your rental property to finance other investment opportunities or to purchase additional property.

Get ready to gain an advantage from an improving housing market with an aim to utilize the money that you obtain from your property to make additional home improvements on that investment property. Build that extra room, add another bathroom, get a new kitchen!

Then you can perhaps rent out your property for a larger monthly amount.

To understand if refinancing your investment property will save you money, talk to an Intelliloan® Loan Specialist at 833-984-2471, or just fill out this online form. Every day we are helping Americans save money by refinancing their investment properties.

Why Should You Refinance Your Investment Property?

When you refinance your investment property using cash-out refinancing, you can utilize that money to make improvements to your property. This may include remodeling, updating, or repairing the property. These efforts are likely to boost your rental income from your investment property.

If the costs of your investment property refinancing are lower than the savings you make every month in terms of lower refinance rates, you could potentially save thousands over the life of your loan.

You could put the equity in your rental property to good use by choosing cash-out refinance and invest that cash into additional properties. This could be a second house or an apartment building. This strategy could help to build your portfolio as a real estate investor.

You can use the equity on your investment property to fund other attractive investing opportunities to boost your overall ROI. If you have an equity on a rental property higher than 20 percent, cash-out refinancing may be an ideal choice for you.

How to Refinance Your Investment Property?

If you are considering refinancing your investment property, speak to an Intelliloan® Refinance Specialist today for the helpful advice. They will guide you through the process of completing an application and start preparing your supporting documentation for the lenders.

You might also need to provide additional documentation such as: 

  • W2 statements of the last two years (if you are self-employed, you should have an accountant-prepared profit/loss statement and balance sheet
  • Last two yearly tax returns
  • Pay stubs of the last 30 day
  • Rental property income
  • Bank statements of last three months
  • Ownership documents of stocks, bonds, insurance, and other investments
  • Existing mortgage
  • Documents of outstanding loans
  • Credit card and revolving credit

Intelliloan® is helping Americans maximize their returns on investment properties with refinancing and lower monthly payments. Our Home Loan Specialists are available to answer all of your questions and help to find the right solution for you.

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