Lower Your Payment

You don’t need to pay higher for your mortgage than you have to. You can maximize your advantage of low mortgage rates and lower your payments. You can boost your monthly income even by changing your mortgage terms.

To determine how a lower rate or new terms could lower your payments, or how refinancing could save you on money and taxation, speak to an Intelliloan® Loan Specialist at 833-984-2471 or just submit this online form.

Intelliloan® is helping Americans every day to lower their mortgage payments through refinancing. It is time you communicate with us to receive the best refinance advice for your situation.

Why Choose Intelliloan®?

Here are some of the advantages of choosing Intelliloan®:

  • You will have the option to complete the application process online with less paperwork.
  • You can keep track of your application status online.
  • You can speak to our home loan specialists who are ready to assist and guide you so that you receive the mortgage that is right for you.
  • After the closing, you will be able to manage your mortgage conveniently online.
  • Our outstanding client service will continue to support you after you close.
  • Key Loan Options to Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

You can refinance out of a rising mortgage payment using the FHA loan with fixed-rate security.

If you feel more comfortable with a traditional, time-tested loan option, you can choose to lock in your rate today with a fixed conventional loan.

You can obtain a low rate with an ARM, which could potentially save you thousands of dollars over a fixed rate mortgage for a similar loan period.

If you are a qualified military member, veteran, or spouse, you could receive a low mortgage rate and payment with a VA loan. Call us to check your eligibility for the excellent advantages of a VA loan.

Is it really worth it to refinance to lower mortgage payment?

To answer this question, you should examine these two vital issues:

a. How much will you save with refinancing?

From the time that you bought your home, many things may have changed – mortgage rates, your home value, and your credit score. If there is an improvement in any of these, it is worth evaluating the option of refinancing by calling one of our loan specialists.

b. Will your savings exceed your costs?

You can possibly add the costs related to the new mortgage into your aggregate refinance amount in order to avoid paying out of pocket costs during the closing. But you should be aware that lowering your payments through refinancing could mean a longer loan term, which could result in your paying a higher amount in interest in the long run.

Speak to one of our home loan specialists now at 833-984-2471 or fill out this online form and we will help you determine whether refinancing can help you lower your mortgage payment.

How can home equity help you lower your mortgage payment?

Home equity is determined as your home’s appraised value minus the amount which is still owed on your loan. The higher your equity, the better your refinance interest rate can be, which could help lower your mortgage payment.

With adequate equity, you could also get rid of PMI (private mortgage insurance), which is an expensive monthly fee that is added to various mortgages where the original down payment was below 20 percent. Call us now at 833-984-2471 or complete this online form to determine whether you have sufficient equity to obtain a lower monthly payment.