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Mortgage lenders aren’t what they used to be. They had a strong interest in their clients’ success and they had the experience to help guide customers to make wise financial decisions. True mortgage lenders are a rare breed these days, but they do still exist—at Intelliloan®.

Our licensed mortgage specialists are experienced in listening to each client’s needs and analyzing their financials in order to craft a solution specifically for them – to help them borrow smart™.

How it works

We begin with a thorough review of your financial history. We identify the characteristics that have framed your current situation.

  1. First let’s talk – what are your goals? Want to lower your interest rate, reduce your monthly payments, pay off your mortgage sooner, need to have some extra cash?
  2. Next, let’s review your income vs debt
  3. We’ll take a look at your credit score
  4. Have your home appraised to see how much it’s worth?
  5. How much do you owe on your mortgage?
  6. How much equity is in your home?
  7. What are the rate and terms of your current mortgage?

At Intelliloan®, we work with you to assess your financial advantages, opportunities, and goals. It is important to note that every homeowner’s situation is different so each solution is tailored to the individual. Our goal is to establish a compass for financial success and guide your progress along the road to reaching your vision.

Have you been told No before? Don't worry

We've helped thousands of homeowners. We will explore your options and help find the right loan for you, not us. At Intelliloan®, we're not happy until you're happy.

No pressure, no hassle, just results

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, we have the expertise and resources to make things happen where other lenders cannot. This is why so many homeowners have selected Intelliloan®, because of our 98% customer satisfaction rating*.