5 Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

You might have imagined your dream yard as a pleasing cottage garden overflowing with numerous heavy, scented blooms. But in reality, all you might have in front of you are a few scrubby shrubs and a bit of patchy grass, so how can you add more color to your garden? Before you plan to invest more time and money in your dream yard, make sure you are avoiding these five gardening mistakes.

1. Planting Blooms without a Plan – A plan helps you in visualizing how the plants will grow together. Without a plan, you may turn your garden into a mess within a few years.

2. Planting Saplings too Close Together – Ensure that your groups of shrubs, trees, and perennials have enough room to spread. Otherwise, they will look overgrown and choked.

3. Not Figuring Out Your Hardiness Zone – Knowing your hardiness zone help you in picking the plants that can thrive in your area.

4. Overboarding Your Garden with Your Favorite Plant – If you go overboard with a single plant, you could risk your yard looking dull in all the seasons but one when it is time for your favorite plant to bloom.

5. Letting the Weeds Go Wild – Weeds wreck the looks of your landscape, steal food and water from growing plants, and can shorten the lifespan of stones, bricks, and pavers by growing uncontrollably in mortar cracks.

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